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Huntercombe Letter to Staff Terms and Conditions Consultation

View the updated Terms and Conditions Presentation PDF at the following link

Terms and Conditions Presentation v4

30th June 2014

Dear Colleague


As a consequence of the expansion of The Huntercombe Group, which has been a mixture of organic growth, acquisition and merger, a disparate set of terms and conditions has evolved across the Group.  The quality of the care we provide is firmly linked to retaining a stable workforce and maintaining low agency requirements.  We believe that one element which will aid in the recruitment and retention of staff, and reduce our reliance on agency, is to move the Group to a general set of terms and conditions which will be applied across the Group for all existing staff and new employees in the future.

Following recent discussions with the GMB, RCN and Unison about the possibility of the above, I am writing to confirm we have decided to proceed with consultation on the introduction of a general set of terms and conditions for staff in the Huntercombe Group.

We are prepared to invest in this proposal with additional cash funding and we believe that the majority of Huntercombe staff will benefit from the introduction of the general terms that we would like to implement, however we also believe that there will be a minority of staff that will be disadvantaged.  We have listened to what the unions have clearly said to us, albeit informally at this stage, about the possibility of protection or compensation for this relatively small group and this has been built in to the proposals.

The roles that are in scope in respect of this proposal are those for whom there is a collective agreement in place with the RCN, Unison and GMB and therefore excludes:

  • Registered/Home/Hospital Managers
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Professionally qualified  psychologists/physiotherapists/occupational therapists/social workers

Over time the groups above will be consulted about a similar process of harmonisation of the terms and conditions that relate to these professional groups.

The areas to be covered in respect of this consultation are proposals as follows;

Annual leave

Care staff and other unit staff – 20 days

Registered nurses – 25 days


All breaks will be unpaid unless the service requires it and authorised

 Bank Holidays

8 paid bank holidays for all. If worked will be paid at time+half


Overtime in excess of full time hours will be paid at time+quarter

 Discretionary occupational sick pay

First two days are unpaid waiting days, thereafter

Care staff and other unit staff – 2 weeks full and 2 weeks half pay

Registered nurses –  1 month full and 1 month half pay


Employer matched 3% contribution

 Life Assurance

2 x basic annual salary

 Voluntary Benefits Scheme with Employee Assistance Programme – voluntary benefits such as high street discounts and a new EAP

There will be detailed protection and compensation arrangements that will be explained at consultation meetings.

Dates have been arranged at each facility for joint management and union presentations to go through the details of the proposal.  Please speak to your Manager or look on the notice board for details of the meetings to be held at your workplace.

When you have seen the details of the proposal, I hope that you will see that this will be a positive step forward for the organisation.


Yours sincerely

Margaret Cudmore

Chief Executive Officer

The Huntercombe Group

Posted: 9th July 2014

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